Analytics Services & Data Processing Services

Data Preparation: Data cleaning, merging, and summarization

Coding: Coding teams work on brand coding and open-ended coding either on Ascribe or manually. Manual coding is carried out usually on “question” basis, whereby one coder will code one question in order to ensure consistency of interpretation.

Data Tabulation: Our analysts have the experience and the capability of handling projects from simple to large-scale, multi-country, data collected in different file formats. The team is skilled in handling hierarchical data and complex weighting schematics. Our analyst can inter-operate between SPSS, Quantum, Wincross, and Excel at the data and tab level.

Genesis with over an experience of two decades has through and in depth knowledge of the analytics, charting, coding, presentation, report writing across various industry dolmans like logistics, banking, transportation, FMCG, telecom, retailing etc. With the help of our experienced analysts and team leaders we have capability of handling high magnitude data and provide output to the client in time.

Our experienced team of analysts and executives with market research domain experience is capable of delivering results in SPSS, Quantum, SAS, Excel.


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